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What on earth!!!!!!!  It’s really quite simple, I’ve been interviewed more than a few times, but…..I always wished they would ask me certain questions, because I have things I would love to share, but they haven’t!  So this is my chance, I’ll just interview myself!


Here Goes:


Why do you call yourself the Pilgrim?


A long time ago the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band did an album called Will The Circle Be Unbroken with a number of great guest musicians.  One of the songs on that album was Merle Travis singing I Am A Pilgrim.   A pilgrim is, (by definition), a person who journeys to a sacred place for religous reasons.  For me that is the definition of life, my life, so rather than use my name I decided to be the pilgrim.  My blog is about a spiritual journey for me and I hope, for my readers, I did not want to make it about myself, so I’m just a pilgrim.


If I asked you to tell me who you are, what would you say?


I would say I’m a Christian, devoted to serving Jesus Christ, a husband, father, gandfather and I hope as good a friend to those that call me a friend, as they have been to me.  I’m, by profession, a photographer, writer and teacher.


Do you consider yourself famous?




Does that bother you?


Not in the least.


Do you want to be famous?


I did when I as young, but I don’t now.


What changed?


I grew up and came to my senses!



Do you consider your career a success?


I consider myself blessed in life, with a great family, wonderful friends, and lots of enjoyable acquantances.  I love being a photographer and writer and teacher and get great joy in attempting to do those things well.  For the most part, I feel like God has blessed me to get to do those things!


Of all the jobs you’ve had, what has been your favorite?


For 12 years I worked for Nikon Camera Company as Proffesional Markets Tech Rep for the entire Southern U.S.  From Kentucky to Key West, to New Orleans. It afforded me the opportunity to do Shuttle Launches, Super Bowls, College Bowl Games, the Masters 9 straight years, Kentucky Derbies and many other exciting events.  It was a great job!  I made a number of life long friends while doing my duty for Nikon. As jobs go it was a blast!


I’m a little surpirsed that you didn’t mention your workshop companies!


That’s because I don’t conisder the Great American Photography Weekends and His Light Workshops jobs, they were self-assigned, fun missions!  I’ve also been honored and thilled to teach with Jack Graham in his company, Jack Graham Photography Workshops!


How about a few personal quesitons, What are a few of your favorite things to do?


Time with my wife on a lazy afternoon on the lake, if the temps are below 80.  A roaring fire with snow coming down.  Spending time with Chester and Sherelene!  Fellowship with Jack, Jim and our buddies is pretty great too!  All those things would rank pretty high on a list for me!


Is it true that you love to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, tell me it isn’t so!


Yes that’s true!  I love happy ending stories, especially in a world where everything on TV is a bad news story.  I find if I fill my mind with positive things the world we live in seems a little less threatening!  Some think that’s hokie, I think it’s a form of encouraging myself.


Let’s talk photography, if you could give anyone advice on how to become a better photographer what would  your short answer be?


Study, practice, be patient, slow down and think it through and have fun!


You don’t have to be that brief, please expand!


Find good teachers and books and study them with a real dedication to learning.  Everything you read about, go out and try it, experiment and then study your results, learn from your failures and there will be plenty, but don’t be discouraged, it will come, just be patient with yourself. Practice, practice, practice!


Do you have a favorite brand of camera gear?


For 43 years I was a dedicated Nikon user and still love their gear and lenses.  However, after shoulder surgery I had to find a lighter system to work with as the heavy full frame cameras were no longer comfortable to carry and use.  I discovered the Fujifilm X-Series of cameras and fell in love with them.  Today I’m a fully committed Fujifilm user!


Do you have a favorite camera and lens?


Yes, curently, the Fujifilm X-T4 is my favorite camera body and the 16-80 is my favorite all around lens.  The new 70-300 would be the runner up for the second favorite lens!  I love lenses so I have to mention the 50mm f 2, it is very sharp, small and fun to use!


O.K. If you had to choose just one camera and one lens for the rest of your life?


The X-T4 and the 16-80.  Covers from 24mm to 120mm full frame equiv.  My most used range by far.


When and how did you get into photography?


I was a high school teacher and football coach in the very late 60’s and decided I would like to buy a nice camera and get into photography.  I bought a Nikon Nikkormat FTN camera and a few lenses and a darkoom set-up and never looked back, I knew I had found the passion of my vocational life!


How long does it take to become really good at photography?


I’ll let you know when I get there!  Like everything, it takes as long as it takes!  You should never arrive, you should always be striving to arrive.


What photographers have had the greatest influence on you and your work?


I learned the most important basics from John Shaw.  I have been inspired by Art Wolfe, Rod Planck, Jay Maisel and a fellow named Bill Cox.  For the last 30 years I’ve admired and learned a lot from Jack Graham and Bill Pekala.  Another couple of favorites are Mark Kettenhofen and Joe McNally. This list though, is never ending!


Your blog is titled Photography & Faith, explain please?


It’s simple, I am dedicated to the Lord in my life.  It is the central focal point of everything I stand for and stand on.  I love sharing about photography and want to always put a special emphasis on my faith and to encourge others to get to know Jesus.  It’s no more complicated than that!


Do you have any places you still would love to travel to that you haven’t been able to go to so far?


I have been blessed to shoot all around the world many times, but the one place I have not been able to get to is Patagonia, that is one more place I would love to see, but I doubt I will ever get to go on that trip!  I have seen it photographed wonderfully by many friends, so I will have to be satisfied to see it through their eyes!


Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.


No problem, it was my pleasure and may I say you are excellent interviewer!


Thank you!


You’re welcome!


Hope you made it to the end!!!




the pilgrim