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I described in a previous blog entry what bodies and lenses and major things were in the bag, but I got an email asking if I would reveal what small items are packed away in various pockets and sleeves of the bag!


No problem, above is the larger items stowed away in varous cubby holes.  Top, left to right, the Tamrac rain cover for my Anvil 15 Slim photo backpack, a powerful LED light panel that can adjust for bightness and color balance, a iPhone tripod bracket that goes into the Arca Swiss head of my tripods, a Victornox Hunter Swiss Army knife, the PlataPod Max with strap for holding it on poles, fences and trees.  Bottom row, left to right an Apple iPad Mini for use with the DJI Mini II drone, A Hoodman shade for the iPad.



This is the smaller items stowed away through out the bag.  Top Row, left to right, Freewell filers for the drone, Kobalt mini screwdiver with micro size bits (Lowe’s ) a small flashlight, Gerber multi allen wrench, spare Drone connecting cord, Fujifilm small flash, below that, a rechargable LED flshlight that also glows red for night work, Sensor Swabs from Photo Solutions.

Botton Rows, left to right, two Think Tank Memory card holders, Anker multi USB C hub for iPad Pro, more powerful small flashlight, Eclipse Sensor cleaning soluiton, Blue tooth remote release for iPhone, Visine for strained eyes, Zeiss lens wipes, SOG small multi tool “the pint”, rubber jar opener, perfect for remvoing stuborn filters, Small Rig multi tool with all the allen wrenches for the Really Right Stuff tripods we both use, (gift from Jack Graham), business cards, special controllers for the drone to fly slow and steady for video and a spare body cap and rear lens cap.


I also have and did not get it into the photos above, a small rocket blower to blow off lens elements before cleaning them.


Do I use all these on every trip?  No!  But when I need them they are vital!


So, Sam P., there is the answer to your appreciated questions!!!


My best and blessings,



the pilgrim