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The old joke in our family goes like this;  Sherelene says “I raised four children, Scott, Wesley, Catherine and Bill!”  It’s true.  My daughter Catherine often asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  My answer has always been, “I don’t want to grow up!’  I did hve to grow up spiritually and Sherelene was a big part of helping me find the discipline to do just that.  She has been by my side through countless trials and  tribulations and has always mirrored for me Christian maturity, love and faith.  Thank you sweetheart for being the rock I needed.



My brother Homer proved to me that a real conversion truly does make you a new creature.  For many years Homer was not a believer and I prayed for him for years, one day he called me and asked me if I was sitting down, I feared he was going to tell me he had cancer!  He told me he had found the Lord and it was the best news I can ever remember hearing!  He truly is a new creature in Christ!  He has become a mentor for me, funny how God works!



Jim Haverstock lost his wife Sue several years ago and I have been in close touch with him ever since that day.  I thought I was going to try and help him through that terrible loss, but he changed me as he show me the strength of His faith and the gift of God’s resiliency!  He lives his faith in the most wonderful ways and is a blessing to so many, me included!




My son Scott witnesses his faith in a quiet but steadfast way!  His selflessness and love for others, family, friends and patients is a witness to the reality of his faith!  He deeply loved his brother Wes and submitted to a bone marrow transplant to try and help save him, his love spoke even louder and I know Wes is with the Lord today because of that demonstration of faith!  Rhonda, Sherelene and I,  all continued to lead him to the foot of the cross!  Wes deeply admired Scott and tried to emulate him!



Dr. Charles Stanley, Charles to me, has been a wonderful friend, brother and guide for many years!  His teaching and preaching have helped me to form the foundation of  a moment to moment walk with my Lord.  We’ve enjoyed many days in the field shooting together and appreciating God’s beauty!  He is exactly the man you think he is, and a powerful servant of God!




When you are facing a critical question and need Godly advice who do you turn to?  For me one of my first calls is to Carl Turner.  Carl has become a dear friend and brother and a powerful source of wisdom for me!  I know of few men that are more committed to serving God and being a great friend to all who need them!  Warm and tender hearted he lives his faith everyday!



This image of Ricky Skaggs shot by one of our students at his and my wokshop in Nashville several years ago, captures the Ricky I know best.  You know him as one of the giants of Country and Bluegrass music and the winner of 14 grammys, but I know him as the deeply spiriual man of God that loves everyone he meets with Christ’s love.  Warm and outgoing and always having time for fans and friends alike. Ricky is admired the most by those that know him the best!



Of course many other people inspire and encourage, but these seven keep me grounded and looking to my Heavenly Father for the strength to live each day!




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