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Well I don’t actually carry these, I guess my lenses do, they help me identify my lenses in the various bags and cases I use.  These Rear Len Cap Stickers are terrific, well made, printed beautifully and look a lot better than my previous solution, a Dymo label Maker!  Field Made Co in Canada create these and they have them for almost all systems.  My Fujifilm XF stickers were $22.64 and included the ones below:

8-16 F2.8 R
10-24 F4 R OIS
14 F2.8 R
16 F1.4 R
16-55 F2.8 R
16-80 F4 R OIS
18 F1.4 R
18-55 F2.8-4 R OIS
18-135 F3.5-5.6 R OIS
23 F1.4 R
23 F2 R
27 F2.8
33 F1.4 R
35 F1.4 R
35 F2 R
50 F2 R
50-140 F2.8 R OIS
55-200 F3.5-4.8 R OIS
56 F1.2 R
60 F2.4 R Macro
80 F2.8 R OIS Macro
90 F2 R

They have since come out with the 100-400 also it was $6.00 and change.  They are classy looking and easy to see even with my aging eyes!  Check them out at Field Made Co!



Above is a toolkit I carry everywhere but not in the actual camera bag. The Nylon bag is the Viperade VE18 EDC pouch and is available from Amazon fro $23.99, of course the tools are not included above that!  The tools in this kit are: left to right; A Benchmade Sur Freak Knife, Victoroinox Swiss Champ, SOG Power Pint Multi Tool, Top; Smith Sharpener, and bottom the Victorinox Mini Champ Alox.  With this set of tools I have been able to tackle about any repair, I’m capable of doing, in the field!



These are my battery carrying choices, in the top image they are closed and obviously on the bottom open and showing the contents.  Since I shoot Fujifilm I have two different size batteries to contend with and I carry at least 4 of each.  The plastic are from Lensgo also carries extra cards of all sizes except Express cards that one is from Amazon and runs $12.36 and the Think Tank also from Amazon run $12.75, I have dozens of those!  Both of these work great, but the Think Tank’s are easier to pack.



I always have a flashlight in my bag, these are two of my favorite; The Nebo Inspector is amazing for only $16.41 (Amazon) it is very bright and charges with a USB-C!  The Streamlight Wedge in Coyote Tan is my favorite it is very bright and was a gift form Jack Graham, they run $86.33.



Extra table top tripods come in handy and the small one from Neewer (Model ST-DT24V) I got it from Adorama and it is in and out of stock, but worth the wait. It is well made and great to hold LED light panes wet doing close up work.  My heavy duty table top is the Leofoto Ranger LS-223 CFX, it is the build quality of a Really Right Stuff tripod and in fact I use the RRS BH-40 LR head on it!  It comes it’s own excellent head, I just wanted to use the RR stuff head.  Was around the $120. range, can’t figure out where I bought it?!



I love the little Litufoto LED lamps the are powerful and are very adjustable in both brightness and color temperature!  The charge fast with USB-C cords and only cost $24.99 each.  I always carry two.  Great for close-up lighting and even as fill for portraits indoors or out!



Scott Kelby has a great Youtube video about using an iPhone, or any smartphone, for serious photography, it was a talk he gave at B&H.  He also has this excellent book on iPhone photography, available everywhere, hey he’s Scott Kelby, I got mine from Amazon for $29.95, worth very penny!  For most travel and light packing days I am now using my iPhone 12 Pro Max as my back-up camera, it is that capable and I often have to look at the Exif data to see what camera shot what!



To improve my handholding I bought a G-Grip that slides on a small bracket you glue on your case, it provides a bluetooth connected shutter button which make shooting much easier and your grip more secure! You can check them out at ggrip.com  $69.



…..and finally I’m really serious about this so I have a  SmallRig tripod and Shinewee PCA 90 tripod adapter for you iPhone and I use both often for long exposures and to treat the iPhone like a real camera, which it is!  Not pictured but I also have a Small Rig case for attaching other things to the iPhone for Video work!


Well,  I hope this was fun, I enjoyed sharing it!





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