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On Monday the 8th of May I’m having a medical procedure to place a new valve in my heart.  It is quite miraculous how this will be done.  Years ago I did a lot of medical photographs including a number of surgical procedures.  I’ve photographed the conventional way of replacing a heart valve which is very interesting and invasive.  The surgeon and team would open the chest remove a couple of ribs, then the vascular system is hooked up to a pump system that acts as the heart for the patient, then the heart is stopped and a new valve is surgically placed, the heart is sewn up, and then restarted so the pump can be removed.  This is a long and precise process.  The recovery takes time and eventually the patient enjoys a better life with a properly functioning heart. (* Note to medical folks whom may read this, this is my very rudimentary understanding of what I photographed!  Be kind, I’m not a doctor!)


The procedure I will be having is not nearly as invasive, it’s called a TAVR.  In it they will go though my femoral arteries in the groin much like in a heart cath and will then insert a new valve in the aortic valve and inflate it.  The procedure takes about 45 minutes and most patient go home the next day!  Pretty miraculous!  Are there risks, sure, you undergo general anesthesia which has risks, the procedure can lead to problems, but the % of patients that die during the procedure is 1%.  I’ll take those odds.


So am I worried?  No, this is the point to the blog entry.  I’m 77 yers old, I’ve already lived past my life expectancy.  When I gave my life to Jesus and my Heavenly Father, I trusted them with every aspect of my life.  If God wants me to come home, all the best doctors in the world can’t keep me here, if he wants me to live to serve Him longer, no one can take my life away from Him, He is in charge.  I don’t like going to the hospital and being treated for anything, but I trust Him.  If I have a very successful procedure I should feel better and have a better quality of life for how ever long God keeps me here, if I die the table, I’ll be home with my Lord and so many loved ones I have lost that are there with Him, I can’t loose either way.


Remember we are in this world, not of it, we can’t get too attached to things of this world, our real home, if we have trusted in Him, is not here.  That is why years ago when I started the blog I chose to call my self the Pilgrim, I’m just passing through this land!  I hope to write another blog entry next week when I return home, but as I end every prayer, Father, may Your will be done.


I pray you be blessed,



the  pilgrim