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In the early days of my self taught photo education guide books from Eastman Kodak were an imporant part of my foundational materials.  These little Pocket Guides were a great source of information you could take with you and refer to while learning the principles of photography!  The red one to the far right was publishd in 1984, making that information almost 40 years old!!!  Funny thing is, the guidance in this little book is just a relevent today as it was when it was written, and it wasn’t a new concept even then!


I thought it would be fun to take that little book and illustate a new teaching program based soley on what is taught in this guide.  I think it is very interesting that there are not many new concepts about good photography,  just re-discovered classic ones!


I look forward to sharing this with you somewhere, sometime, this year!!!!!





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  1. Lynn Wines says:

    Looking forward to this!

  2. Rick Coleman says:

    Sounds like fun. Look forward to seeing the results.

  3. Please sign me up! You’re the best teacher I had.

  4. Bill Fortney says:

    Thank you Walter, very kind of you to say!

  5. Bill, when I worked at the Times-Tribune some 30-plus years ago, you gave me a copy of the “Pocket Guide to 35mm Photography.” It was invaluable then, and I still have it—worn and tattered as it may be. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  6. Joshua Boldt says:

    This sounds interesting. 🙂