Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

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This evening I’m headed to Louisville for an  early morning flight tomorrow to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta, then on to Henderson Kentucky for Western Kentucky Universities Mountain People’s Workshop and finally off to Florida with my bride to rest up from almost 5 of the previous 6 weeks on the road!  I hope to find a great number of things to photograph in the off hours of my assignments.  The Balloon Fiesta is certainly fun to shoot and the entire area around Albuquerque should provide some serious opportunities!  I will further wring out the new D600 and D800, and D7000.  I love the color contrasts in this part of New Mexico, and hope to work on that themes for the first week.  Henderson Kentucky will be a little more challenging, but I enjoy trying to find things worthy of a photograph when it is not dead obvious!


I’m also very interested also testing the hand hold-ability, (is that a word!!!) of these new very high resolution cameras. Either way it should be fun and I promise to share what I’m finding.  Now a special favor, please pray for my ministry opportinities while on the road, I’m always excited to see who God places in my path. I just want to honor Him in the way I treat others,and share His love!!!!




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