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I’ve now had the D600 for long enough to really get to know it and I have some additional observations. I will cut right to the chase, I think the D600 represents the best value in DSLR on the market today!  Here’s why;


1.  The D600 is the highest resolution DSLR on the market, save for the D800, and is more than enough detail for virtually any subject you and I will ever shoot.


2.  The D600 represents a significant bargain, especially when you consider just three years ago a D3x was $8,000. and the closest competitor from Canon with slightly less resolution is $3,500.  The cost alone is pretty amazing, what’s even more amazing is that the D600 outperforms either of these cameras.  It is much lower noise than the D3x and very close to the 5D Mark III.  It is only 1/2 stop slower than the frame rate of the 5D Mark III,  and it costs $1,400 less!!!!


3.  With the exception of my favorite DX body the D7000 the D600 has the sweetest release and quietest shutter in the line up.  It is a joy to shoot hand held and when you lock it on a tripod it uses the ML-L3 wireless remote,  I truly love this combination.


4.  The very vital aspect of ergonomics, this camera simply feels great in your hands.  It has enough heft to feel substantial, but is light enough to be refreshing.  I don’t think anyone should be concerned about the build quality!


5.  After doing a number of HDR images by shooting three images 2 stops apart, I’m convinced, that unless you are an HDR master and shoot almost everything as an HDR, this camera will cover your bases just fine.


6.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the very reasonably priced wireless transmitter, the WU-1b, I think it will be a hoot to shoot straight to the iPad!!!  Add to that the App for you iPhone that allows you to operate the camera wirelessly!  Wow, what fun!!!


7.  I’m starting to really love SD cards, they are less expensive, are coming on very fast speeds, and it’s easy to carry a bunch of them!  And the D600 works with dual SD slots.


8.  But most important of all, this camera makes absolutely gorgeous images!  It is so good it makes me wonder why I will keep the D800, of course I’ll kept a D800 as my 4X5 view camera!!!!   But for everyday shooting this D600 has found an honored place in my camera bag!


You couldn’t spend $2,100. any better……


the pilgrim



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I  had a person ask me the other day if I was afraid of dying.  I shocked them when I said, “No, I’m rather looking forward to it!”  Take a note, non-believers often are confused by our thought processes!   If I thought that this life was all there was, I wouldn’t be all that anxious to leave it, but knowing that I have an eternity with Him waiting, it’s hard some days to not wish that day would come sooner, rather than later!  I’ve shared this before, but when I had cancer at age 35 and was told I had very little time to live, I faced death square in the face.  Since I’ve already dealt with it, I can’t think of a good reason to deal with it again.  The matter is settled for me, I’ve given my life, and heart to Jesus, it’s His to do with as He pleases.  If He wants me here working for the Kingdom, that works for me, if it’s to be with Him, that’s even better.


One of my grandchildren crawled up in my lap recently and said, “Papa, I don’t want you to die, I want you to just stay here with me forever!”   It’s a delicate conversation to try and explain to a four year old how all this works, but I tried. I told Abigail that she knew I go on trips, and sometimes I’m gone for quite a while.  She knowingly said, “Yes, I know Papa!”  Very lady like, I might add!  I told her that someday I’m going on a very long trip and won’t be coming back here, but will see her when she comes to where I’m going.  That seemed to satisfy her for now.


I’ve lost a lot of family and friends and I am happy to know that most are with the Lord, they are the fortunate ones, life here can be daunting, but with His strength we can make until we get to be with Him for eternity.  I was visiting with a friend a few years ago  who was dying of cancer, he said something that has really stayed with me.  I said to him that I was so sorry about his situation, he said, “Don’t be, I’ve lived a great life, and I’m going to an even better one, I love you man, and I’ll see you at the gate when you get there!”  He was right on two points, it is something to look forward to, and I will see Him again, and next time, he will be completely whole!!!  What a wonderful, peaceful way to go to our reward.


I’m not hanging out in cemeteries because I know something you don’t, I just loved the cross and the trees!!  I’m not going anywhere a minute sooner than He has it planned!  But when that time does come, please rejoice for me, that’s what I will be doing up there!


Be blessed, have hope, and know Him,


the pilgrim