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It was late morning and I had just posted the mornings balloon shots and Jay Miller suggested we go out to the field to shoot some of the car show, car show?, could things get any better!!  I love to photograph classic cars, rusting and beautifully built like these today!  I continue to be amazed at the qualities of the D800.  In these kinds of shots in harsh light, dynamic range and gradation are both critical and the D800 passed with flying colors!


See if you agree??!!


Wow, this camera really makes shooting more fun than ever!   Hey, I sound like I work for Nikon!  Wait a minute, I do!!!


I’m posting my Monday post early as things will get busy tomorrow at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.


In Him,


the pilgrim

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Well after yesterdays cold, cloudy windy weather, we finally caught a break and had great conditions to launch balloons in Albuquerque!  The D800 performed wonderfully as a hand held camera.  I used the 24-120 AFS VR f4 lens, everything shot at F8, Aperture Priority and Auto ISO with a high end limit of 3200.  Hope you enjoy the results!  It was so much fun I didn’t realize my fingers ere frozen till I got back in the Media Center!



Love my little buddy Elvis above!


……and Bill Pekala, if you’re out there, thanks for the job!!!!


Be blessed,


the pilgrim


This one’s for you Jim!  Nik’s Color Efex 3.0 Tonal Contrast to get a poor simulation of a Jim Begley HDR Masterpiece!!!