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I didn’t want to do this, until I did!!!!!  Explanation:  When the Fujifilm GFX 50S was released I had the chance to shoot it on Route 66 with Cy Franks and Jackie Hillyer for a couple of days.  We shot it at the Seba Station Motorcycle Museum and the results were astounding.  I shot various subjects side by side once with the X-T2 and then with the GFX.  Same focal length lenses, same exposure and same f stop all from a solid tripod on a concrete floor.  My conclusion was; ( A ) the 50 mega-pixel GFX 50S was nothing short of amazing, and for most of what I do the X-T2 was plenty good enough. and  ( B ) I couldn’t afford it anyway!!!  I gave it no more thought after that, ok, I gave it a little thought and wished from time to time I had the money to own one, but as I said,  that was that.


Fast forward to 2019, Fujifilm has gotten more aggressive about letting X-Photographers test out gear to review and determine if we have a need for said gear.  I had noticed in all the advertising and videos about the GFX system that very little was of the nature, landscape, travel field, that I work in.  I proposed to the powers that be, that if they would make me a long term loan of a GFX and two lenses, the 32-64 and the 120mm Macro I would travel with it all this season and shoot those kinds of images for them to use anyway they would like.  If at the end of the project they were happy and I was happy, we would see what my images were worth to them toward the gear, or I would simply return it and go happily on my way!


I tell you all this because I am going ot being doing serious work from all my workshop locations in 2019 and will certainly share my findings with you guys as well!  What do I think I will learn, and of course this is a guess, but I’m sure that for making large prints I’m going to find the GFX to be a superior file.  I think for landscapes with a high degree of details, the GFX files will be stunning.  I’m espccially anxious ot see how the GFX performs inclsoe-up work.  They have provided the 120mm Macro so I will start with that right way and see where it takes us!!!


Two quick tests!  My Shure 555H II microphone my standard test target for acutance.  Acutance is the level of sharpness and how it reveals the change of tones.  the smoother it is the more acutance.  As you can see, you can actually feel the metal in this shot.



This is a Kansas State Trooper belt buckle given to me by a dear photo buddy that was once a tropper, I use it to test depth and sharpness, shot at an angle you can see the right side of the buckle is tack sharp even at f11 the left side is soft.  The 120 macro is supremely sharp but the depth of field is very shallow.




Internet resolution does not allow you to see just how incrdibly sharp these images are, I look forward to shooting a lot more and sharing them with you!




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