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I went out for a little while this morning to try to work on a few textrue shots with the GFX 50S.  I used the Fujifilm GFX 120mm macro for these two shots.  The old garage door above is in an abandoned building on US 25 that i drive by on my way home everyday.  I’ve shot it before but really wanted to see how the GFX file rendered it!  This is a Acros with a red filter shot and it seems to have plenty of detail an seperation between the tones!


My next shot below is of an old weathered door with a rusty hinge.  I went with the Velvia color simulation to bring out the blue tones in the old weathered wood, which I thought it did great capturing.  Both shots were made from a sturdy tripod and with the self timer !





I love how the subtle details in such subjects simply jump off the computer screen and no matter how much you blow them up, the detail is really there!  Will head to Old Car City soon to give this sweetheart a real workout!!




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