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It’s a cold ugly day in Kentucky and that  means staying in doors.  It also means a great day to continue to get to know the GFX 50S!  I picked a few subjects to see how this camera renders them.  All these images were with the GFX 50S and the 120mm macro lens.  Above is a small decoration that hangs on one of our kitchen cabinet door’s knob, shot at f 5.6 to get shallow depth I thought it was very sharp with a clean background.



A set of wrenches from my tool bench allowed me to see what kind of depth you get at f 11, and it is pretty shallow!  The focus was placed on the 7/16 tab and it really isolated it. Once again the acutance was wonderful.



I like to buy used cigar boxes as the art is often pretty spectacular.  Edge to edge sharpness here at f 22 is just what you would expect and hope for.



Even at F22 the depth was not enough to cover the entire face of the watch, but the details are razor sharp in the in focus areas.


As soon as the weather improves I will get out and satrt shooting some more interesting subjects, until then stay warm!!!




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