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This morning we had a very overcast cold morning and I ended up driving Sherelene to work in Barbourville, KY,  because my vehicle is all wheel dive and her’s is not, though roads turned out to be fine! On my way back home I drove past the Kentucky Fried Chicken Museum and KFC restaurant in Corbin.  The sky was pretty dull and I had an idea!  Hundreds of people stop at the museum everyday of the year and shoot a selfie of themselves in front of the historical marker telling about Kentucky’s Most Famous Citizen, Col. Harland Sanders. I know you were thinking it was me, but sadly not!!! Ha!!!


The Post Mortem:  My goal for this shot was to get the historical marker in sharp focus and hold enough focus on the Sander’s Cafe sign to keep it as part of the scene.  I choose the Fujifilm XF 16-80 set to around 54mm (82mm equiv.), for compressing of the two elements in frame, and exposed the image for 0.3 seconds @ f 14 with an ISO setting of 125.  I set the self timer for 10 seconds with the camera on a tripod, that gave me time to walk close to the brass marker with a small hand held , but powerful, LED battery operated light panel (3″X5″) to just highlight the brass lettering on the marker.  The only thing I did in post was remove some telephone lines in the extreme left side of the frame and slightly darken the exposure to make the neon in the Sander’s Cafe Sign pop.  So there you have it Shot One – Day One!


Side Note:  Many years ago I was covering a fundraising picnic in Hodgensville, KY.  I was the regional AP (Associated Press News Agency) rep at the time.  It was an outdoor event and they had set up a hundred picnic tables across a field, so I got my plate of food and went to an empty picnic table and had just started to eat when a older gentlemen in a tweed sport coat, blue oxford shirt and nice rep stripe tie walked up and said, “Son, do you mind if I eat at your table?”  I said, ” Absolutely,I’m the only one here and I’m not expecting anyone, have a seat!”  He did and we small talked as we ate.  I kept looking at him and knew I had seen him somewhere before, but just couldn’t place him.  I finally said, “I’m embarrassed, I know that I that I have met you before, but I don’t know when or where?”  He leaned into me with big smile and said “Aw, you’ve seen me around, I just don’t always where that white suit!”  It was Col. Harland Sanders!  He turned out to be really nice guy!


If you come through Corbin, stop by the Col. Harland Sanders Museum, it is fun stop to learn the history of the KFC story.



Can’t wait for Day Two!




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