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The third day of the workshop and the old saw must be true, third time is charmed!  We had a great sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in the fog, and then a wonderful sunset at Bass Head Lighthouse!  This has been a  great group and they have been blessed with great light and Jack and I have been blessed with a wonderful group of folks!  Here are a few of my shots from the day, have a great weekend!



Boundless blessings,


the pilgrim

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After the Nelson Ghost Town workshop with Jack I’m doing my next KelbyOne class on “Extraction”!  Extraction is seeing the overall scene or subject and then finding the images within the overall image.  We took out students out to day to Bernard Harbor to a working lobster fishing area and let them explore visually the traps, ropes, floats and boats!  I found a pile of brilliant red and yellow floats and started with the over all shot below, and then kept moving in to sections until I got the shot above (my favorite).  Give it a try your next time out shooting and you will be surprised how much it will improve the final take!




The search is a great exercise in trying to determine what part of the scene speaks the loudest to you in terms of definition and impact.  This will and should be different for most of us, and it helps you develop a better sense of what you are going for in your images!  The learning process is both exciting and demanding, but worthwhile.




the pilgrim


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This has been a great workshop so far.  Pouring rain and brisk wind kept us in today in the classroom, but that was a good thing and now our troops are ready to shoot!  We will take them to Somesville tomorrow to do some stream shooting and visit a beautiful old Civil War era grave yard.  This is a very good group of people and the excitement level has been great.  As the scripture says He will give us Rivers of Living Water and that spiritual promise has been true for me!  I feel certain this will end up being a great workshop for them.  We are off to a good start.




I’m often reminded how much He loves me, and how He has watched over me.  When the days get long, and the travel makes you weary, I find real rest in Him.




Blessings my friends,


the pilgrim

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Jack and I did some last day scouting this morning and found a great working commercial dock with tons of lobster floats and multicolored ropes!  This is the kind of fantastic color you can catch on the Maine coast.  It was very overcast with an occasional shower so the light was perfect!  I can’t wait to take our students to this location, it will be a great training ground for how to see and compose!!!!


See for yourself!








……and, as luck would have it, we found some more great fall foliage!






the pilgrim