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We’ve had a great group and have enjoyed a great deal of shooting opportunities!  Memory Lane in perfect conditions this morning (rain and overcast!!), The Allendale mansion shoot thanks to the efforts of Kent Ervin, and even a great waterfall (above) that Kent showed us!!!!  We’ve had a great time and are headed to the Smokies tomorrow!


Here are few shots from today!





That was how I was feeling tonight!!!!


The Allendale Mansion







Thanks for joining us through the blog!!!




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We got off to a great start scouting this morning and then our group arrived, a real nice bunch of folks, very diverse, all excited and anxious to learn, love that!!!!!  While driving around this morning we had dense fog, predicted for tomorrow as well, great opportunity to do some soft light work!!!!


I am so blessed, shooting and hanging with great people!  I will keep you posted through out the week, but this was my favorite image of today!  My best wishes go out to Sue & Jim Haverstock!  She fell and fractured her wrist and it recovering forma surgical repair, but she is in good hands, Jim’s and the Lord’s!!!  Also we miss Jim who did not make this trip!


We will trudge on, and keep you posted!





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This has been a fantastic late winter, early spring, with trips to Nelson Ghost Town and trip down Route 66 and now a return to Memory Lane.  Wow an American extravaganza!  This group that will be joining me at Memory Lane will get a chance to relive the past and capture some great scenes from yester-year!  The Old Counter Store alone is a days worth of shooting, the shelves are lined with authentic period merchandise and aa never ending source of fun to shoot!




The goal of this workshop will be to help the students see past the “obvious” and find the buried treasure in this rich environment!  …..and there is lots of treasure to find!




Sorry you won’t be with us, but there are more chances, here is a rundown on how the remaining workshops are looking!!!


Great Smokies  April 15-19   SOLD OUT


Roanoke Trains and Americana   Still have spaces available  -  April 29 – May 3rd





Grandfather Mountain with Jack Graham & I  May 27- 31  Still spots available!!!!!


More great events to come!!!!




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I ask myself that question all the time!!!!  I got an email today from a person I know was well meaning.  They suggested that my sharing my political thoughts was not consistent with the faith aspect of this blog, that I should start another blog for that kind of information.  I thanked them but responded that I didn’t think anything I had shared, was not in keeping with my faith.  Well, after some thought they were probably right on at least one level.  I am not perfect, never claimed I was, I’m human and I know I  am!   I know sometimes I share my frustrations before I give it enough thought.  If I offended anyone I’m truly sorry.  Now I’ve stepped up to the plate, and said I was sorry, and I really am.  I didn’t say that I don’t really feel the way I feel,  just that I mean no harm to anyone.


Let me try to make an example.  I’m a conservative, (big surprise), and I most often take that position on issues.  I was listening to the radio today as I was I coming back from Knoxville.  A person made a really good point, one that I think often escapes  people.  When a pizza place in Indiana said they would rather not serve pizza at a wedding of a gay couple, (to a hypothetical questions)  they were immediately taken to task by the gay community.  They simply were, in nice way, saying we would rather not do that. The people that were offended, made death threats, said they would burn down the business, and the owners had to close down until things settled down.  You tell me what is worse, asking to not take part in a wedding on religious grounds, or threatening death and destruction of property.  Surely you don’t believe those rise to the same level???


As a Christian,  I’m often treated very harshly if I might not agree to go along with a closely help belief of the left agenda.  I have no hatred or dislike for the gay community, I have some friends that are gay, I don’t want to take part in that life style, but I do not treat them in an ugly manner.  I do not judge them, that is, according to my faith, God’s job, not mine.  If you ran a print shop and you were gay, and someone came in and asked you to print up signs for a rally that contained hate speech about gays, would you print them?   Well, neither would I.    I am Pro Life, I have friends that are Pro Choice,  they think they are right, I think I’m right, but I wish them no harm, each of us will have to answer for our stances to a higher power than anyone here.


What is my point?  If my conservative views are painful for you,  this may not be the best blog to read.  I don’t watch MSNBC or listen to NPR, or for that matter watch any news on the major networks, it just reminds me of how radically different my views are from theirs, and theirs from mine.  Why torture myself.  I listen carefully to all sides, but I’ve finally decided exactly where I stand, and so, I don’t expose myself to stuff that will be agonizing for me!


For me as a Christian, I have s simple test, when faced with a controversy, I ask, based on my knowledge of scripture, where would Jesus stand on this issue?   If you study the word, that settles most issues pretty quickly.  I know that if you are not person of faith, that position would not hold much weight for you.


I love you, because Christ loves you, I pray for all of you, and I trust you and He will work things out.  In the meantime, I want to be at peace with you!  I hope you can live with that!  I won’t change, but I won’t judge you either!




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