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After a day of rain, mist and cold wind, (which still allowed some great shooting) we were rewarded with clearing skies and a nice sunset!  Today was a chance to prove that even when conditions are awful you can find wonderful subject that can work under those conditions!  Here are some of my favorites from today.



Maybe wet, and maybe cold, but happy campers!!!


Blessings from Prince Edward Island,


the pilgrim


Photo Notes:  All images Fuji X-T1 and 18-135 lens.


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I would never go to the airport, any airport to get a great meal, especially a great burger!!!!!  I stand corrected!  Jim and I had a two hour lay over, and an hour on the plane on the way to Halifax today. I spotted a Shake Shack, (one of my very favorite chain burgers in all the land!)  Of course this is JFK airport and the chances it would be anything like the ones from down in New York City was slim and none, right?  Nope, Lydia Gonzalez, manager and fry cook, Kaheem Evans served up a 5.1 pickle scale killer burger, I mean one of the very best I’ve ever tasted, and you guys know I’ve tasted a few!  Actually thousands!!!


Seriously this was one for the ages, perfectly fried, juicy, made to my absolute best specifications!  I only hope that Sunday a week they will be frying when we slide back through JFK on the way home, even if they are not, great job guys!  Join the Burger Hall of Fame, as of this evening you are the number one burger in America!  Check on the Cheeseburgers in Paradise blog !


Thanks too for starting our tour off with such  great meal!!!!




the pilgrim

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Friday morning Jim Begley and I fly up to Halifax, to join Snake and group of friends to tour Prince Edward Island, and then join the rest of our group in Halifax to do our tour of Nova Scotia. I love this region of Canada, and the people are friendly and helpful.  We have a local photographer, Kevin Finch, who is not only a good shooter, but really knows the country!  We will be shooting the culture, the ports and fishing communities and the beautiful coast!


I will be in planes all day Friday, but hope to have internet service in the evenings and will blog as much as I can.  Wish you were going with us!


By-the-way, I spoke to SNAP (Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers) in Knoxville, Tennessee last night and we had a great time, love those folks,  it’s a great club!


Stay tuned!




the pilgrim


Yes, the photo is from Maine, Acadia N.P.  Promise, I will have some Nova Scotia stuff soon!


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Photography & Faith, that’s what it says at the top!  I endeavor to write a blog that brings photographic information, introspection, and entertainment, I also hope it brings, inspiration, challenges us, and help us become better Christians.  I got an email a few weeks back from a local person asking what kind of camera they should buy, it went something like this, “My daughter is getting married next year and I’ve always wanted to make better pictures.  I don’t have a large budget but I want something really good!?  I don’t want a big camera and bag full of lenses, just something I can make really nice photographs with, maybe a little video too???!!!”


I really try to help people the best I can.  I remember back to my absolute love affair with Fuji X10, which introduced me to the Fuji System.  I know a X20 came next and currently the X30 is the top of the line smaller serious camera from Fuji.  I had read some reviews and had actually considered picking one up myself, so I recommended it.  Then I decided I really missed that class of camera and bought myself one.  It is a terrific little photographic instrument.  I started thinking if I am going to recommend this to others maybe I should prove it is truly capable by taking on a future trip as my “only” camera!!!!  I started thinking I have an upcoming tour to Nova Scotia next week and maybe I should leave everything else home and just take the X30!  I talked about it with Jim Haverstock and he talked me off the ledge, but I am going to take it along with my pair of X-T1′s and the lenses and I’m going  to try use it at every location, in addition to the Fuji X-System I normally shoot.  I will post some comparison images and report over the next couple of weeks!  I already know what I will discover, if you treat any camera, even a small one like this like a real camera, it will give you really great images!!!


Now the Faith side of this!  I think we should be committed to live by our words, to do what we say we will do, and not offer advice or help to anyone if we are not prepared to offer something of value.  When I attempt to witness my faith I really try to be sure I’m on firm footing in the Word before I step out and share on such a meaningful subject. Do I ever mess it up?  Sure, but it isn’t because I haven’t prayed about it and tried to prepare my self for the conversation.  I know that I don’t do anything more important than when I  point people to Christ.  I just pray I prepare myself to do it  in a way that yields results for the kingdom.  Sharing our faith is not about us, it isn’t trying to prove anything, or make ourselves more holy, it’s all about Him and sharing His love and forgiveness with others.




the pilgrim