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My dear friend Chuck Summers sent me a couple of contemporary  Christian music CDs , thank you Chuck, very kind of you!  This morning while doing my,  ”Honey-Do” list I was listening to one and song came on the I really liked and wanted to share.  The song title is Do Something and the lyrics are below;


I woke up this morning
Saw a world full of trouble now
Thought, how’d we ever get so far down
How’s it ever gonna turn around


So I turned my eyes to Heaven
I thought, “God, why don’t You do something?”
Well, I just couldn’t bear the thought of
People living in poverty


Children sold into slavery
The thought disgusted me
So, I shook my fist at Heaven
Said, “God, why don’t You do something?”


He said, “I did, I created you”


If not us, then who
If not me and you
Right now, it’s time for us to do something
If not now, then when
Will we see an end
To all this pain
It’s not enough to do nothing
It’s time for us to do something



It brings to mind the purpose for believers in the world.  If the world needs more forgiveness, it’s  our job to offer it.  More compassion?  Up to us!  More grace? We can be the source!  That is why he created us, and when we accepted His forgiveness this is our marching orders!  To live in His power and offer His gifts.


Belive in Him and have faith in His love.


Share His love and have faith in others.


Care for the sick,  Visit those in prison, pray for the weak, feed the poor, bring hope to the hopeless.  Love  the unloved.  What better time of the year than now to remember our Saviours birth in a truly meaningful way, and love others as He loved them!


Merry Chrismtas,




the pilgrim

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As we get closer to Christmas let me take this opportunity to thank all of you that have supported my new eBooks store efforts and visit this blog.    The new release Americana Photography, A Step-By-Step Guide will be out tomorrow at noon eastern time.  This book is a kick start to getting into this new and very popular kind of photography!  In the 187 pages you will learn about how to find subjects and how to approach them.  At the end of each chapter there is contact information and websites for some very good shooting locations to do Americana photography!  This book will be priced at $9.95, but until midnight Christmas Eve, I want to say thank you by offering it for half price, $4.95!


These are the subject headings of each chapter:


Photographing Antique Airplanes

Photographing Old Cars and Trucks

Photographing The Antique Archaeology Store

Photographing Harrodsburg, Kentucky – Established 1774

Photographing Shaker Village, Kentucky

Photographing Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Photographing Bodie Ghost Town, California

Photographing Nevada Ghost Town, Nevada

Photographing Railroads

Photographing Rust, Glorious Rust

Photographing Old Bottles

Photographing Old Trucks in Sprague, Washington

Photographing at Antique Stores


Here are a few pages from the new Americana Photography book!




To further show my appreciation I will add another book that can be downloaded FREE! This 149 page book is what I call and “idea book” !  lots of illustrations of some images I’ve used post processing filter with, many before and after illustrations and side by side comparisons.  The post processing programs used are NIK/Google Suite, and Topaz Suite of programs.  Just the right books to spur some ideas during the winter for fun post art filter processing!  ….and it’s free.  Simply go to the website and select that book and you can check out and download it at no cost!





So get cracking and get that free book, and if you are interested in Americana Photography save half the cost now!


Once again thank you very much for being here reading my blog, following along with me, and thanks so much to all of you that have made our dream of producing and selling quality eBooks possible.  In two months we have distributed over 1,500 eBooks!!!!


Merry Christmas!!!!




the pilgrim

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As Christmas draws near we will no doubt be with family.  Some of you will have the entire family descend on your home, (Sherelene and I will!!!), some may only be with a few members, but it will be the highlight of your Christmas.  Every Christmas season I put together a family calendar for Sherelenes’s family, the Scott family, and they’re my family too.  Each month features photographs of all the individuals and couples that are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.  It’s always a beast trying to get all the images in, but when it’s all finished, it’s worth the effort!  52 family members are featured on their special days!


Through out the year every time I consult the calendar to see what Sherelene and I are planning,  I’m reminded of precious family members, and it prompts me to pray for them and keep them in my heart.  I’ve lived long enough to see many family members go on to be with the Lord and it makes the time we have together with our remaining members all the more precious. If I could have anything for Christmas it would be to have one more Christmas with my Mother and Father,  Sherlene’s Mom and Dad,  and our grandparents.  Since that reunion will have to wait for now, I’m committed to making the very most of my Christmas, (and every day) with my loved ones that are still with us.  I also feel the same about the countless friends God has given us, what a blessing and I hope to share Christmas Joy with each of them too!


This year’s calendar cover features a picture of my father-in-law, Virgil and my mother-in-law, Nora, when they were first married after WW II!  After all, it all started, everyone in the calendar, (except for us “outlaws ” that married one of the Scotts),  was the result of their love.  It’s pretty cool!  So if you are going to be with family and friends this Christmas, remember to love them “real good”,  while you have the chance!




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Some folks just can’t let it go!  I say that with no malice or frustration, o.k. a little frustration.  I got several emails asking about if I had no Nikon gear at all, anymore?  One person wrote, you can’t tell me that something is not wrong between you and Nikon, you even wrote a book about Fuji!!!!


PLEASE LISTEN!!!!!  This is my last blog post about this subject!  I left Nikon of my own accord.  I requested to retire, I was not fired, I was not asked to retire!  Nikon NPS was redirecting their path and I was ready to do something different, I asked if I could retire, they gladly said sure.  Would I have been downsized if I had stayed, I don’t know, but probably yes, all companies make changes and it was the right time for Nikon to bring new blood into NPS, my leaving, of my own decision, helped them do that!  Do I have any axe to grind with Nikon?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I still have many friends there, I love the company, the people, the great years they gave me as an NPS rep, honestly, please believe me,  all is good between me and Nikon!


ONE LAST TIME!  I had shoulder surgery, it healed slowly, I got older, I found the heavy DSLR full frame gear was just to heavy for me to carry all the time.  I found something lighter, it just didn’t happen to be made by Nikon, simple as that!!!!!!!  Settled……


Now the next questions, “Do you still own any Nikon Gear?”  Yes, when I left Nikon I was already well on my way to knowing that the Fuji X-System was going to work best for me, based on weight, and my happiness with it’s qualities.  I toyed with the idea of buying a few Nikon products, but Nikon helped me out there too, they raised  their employee purchase program prices to the point that there was no real savings to buying as an employee. I decided to just keep what I already owned.  After retiring I sold off most of the current model gear I had and kept the system above.  Why?  Didn’t need 36 mega pixels (D800) couldn’t carry the D4, and I had gotten back into using the 70′s/80′s manual focus glass of which I owned a lot, been collecting it for years, long before working for Nikon.  I felt the last great body from Nikon that I owned the D700 was more than adequate for my needs and was a perfect fit to the old manual glass.  My intention was to occasionally take out the D700 and some of the old manual lenses and shoot “Throwback style”!  Really haven’t done that much at all.  Two reasons, the Nikon stuff is still too heavy, and I love the Fuji X-System.  I will hang onto the Nikon system, I spent too many years with it and I do not have the heart to see it leave! For 44 years of my professional life I’ve held a Nikon in my hands, we’ve become very close friends, but nothing says you can’t make new friends too!


The image above shows:

My Old favorite Domke Bag (I still have a couple of them)  It was the mainstay for the photojournalist!

1.  Nikon D700

2.  Nikon 55MM Micro Nikkor f 2.8 AI-s      LEGEND CLASS

3.  Nikon 24mm f 2.8 AI-s     LEGEND CLASS

4.  Nikon 25-50 AI-s f 4   LEGEND CLASS

5.  Nikon 105 Micro Nikkor f 2.8 AI-s     LEGEND CLASS   * Used with adapters on my Fuji X-Cameras

6.  Nikon 70-150 AI-s f 3.5    PRO-GRADE CLASS

7.  Nikon 50-135 f 3.5 AI-s   LEGEND CLASS

8.  Nikon 80-200 AI-s f4   LEGEND CLASS

9.  Nikon 200mm AI-s f4   PRO-GRADE CLASS  * Used with adapters on my Fuji X-Cameras

10.  Nikon 80-200 f 4.5 AI-s    LEGEND CLASS   * first great zoom!

11.  Nikon 105 f 2.5 AI   LEGEND CLASS

12.  Nikon 400mm f 3.5 IF-ED AI-s   LEGEND CLASS   * Used with adapters on my Fuji X-Cameras

13.  Nikon 300mm f 4.5 IF-ED AI-s     LEGEND CLASS   * Used with adapters on my Fuji X-Cameras

14.  Nikon 200mm Micro Nikkor f4 AI-s    LEGEND CLASS   * Used with adapters on my Fuji X-Cameras


So there you have it, for the last time,  “I love my Nikon gear, but it is still too heavy to carry all day, might work it out of the trunk occasionally!!”   I do not define myself by the gear I use, no one should.  these are tools, great tools, and if we use them with discipline and dedication they can make extraordinary images, but they are just tools!  I love you guys, I truly do, but let’s get on with some photography, after all that’s what this stuff is made for!


When my daughter Catherine was born, I was thrilled, a girl, first in 21 years in our family!!!  I loved her, and I still do, but that didn’t mean I didn’t still love my two sons, born before she came into our lives.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!




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