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Over the week of Christmas Sherelene and I and all our children and their families went up to Harlan and Terri my sister-in-law, (a great photographer & my brother Homer’s wife), shot family pictures.  Let me introduce my family to you!  Left to right, top row, Rhonda Fortney, Hannah Fortney, Casssidy Moore, Clint Moore, Cade Moore, Ben Fortney, Wesley Fortney.  Middle Row, Catherine Moore, Sherelene Fortney, the pilgrim, Scott Fortney, Diane Fortney.  Front row, Abigail Fortney and Elijah Fortney.


So who goes with who?  Clint & Catherine, (my daughter and youngest child), Moore, Cassidy & Cade Moore.  Wesley, (my middle son), & Rhonda Fortney., Elijah & Abigail.  Scott, (my oldest son), Diane, Hannah & Ben.  And of course my bride, Sherelene!  One of the kids gave us a small wooden plaque that sits on the great room hutch in the dinning area, with all our family pictures,  that says “Because two people fell in love.”  That about says it all!


Blessings, from a blessed man,


the pilgrim

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Full details coming soon for two great new workshops added to our 2015 schedule.  Relive history in the railroad town of Cass, West Virgina, photograph multiple steam locomotives under full steam, night time star photography with deep space listening devices in the foreground!  Stay in authentic, remodeled camp houses right in the railroad town!  This is one not to be missed!  Full details coming later this week!!!!  Lead by Bill Fortney, Jim Begley, Bill Pekala and Snake Barrett!  Limited to 10 attendees, get in this one early!!!!  10 attendees with 4 instructors!


Then right after Photoshop World in Las Vegas come up to the High Sierras with Joe McNally, Anne Cahill, Bill Fortney and Jim Begley for a workshop in the Sierras, August 17-20.  Two days in Bodie, night sky shooting, special portrait sessions with re-enactors, interior building shooting! Then on to Bishop for the Law’s Train Museum and a trip up to the Bristle Cone Pines.  Don’t miss this one!   Full details soon!  Limited to 14 with 4 instructors!





It has been a  hope of mine for along time to do a workshop with Joe!  He is not only one of the greatest shooters out there today, he and his wife Anne are terrific people, that group is going to get a double barrel of fun and fellowship!




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Tony Sweet


Nick Coury


Matt Kloskowski


Bill Pekala



Wow, what talent!




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Brad Mikel



When I was assembling the Fuji book I asked some friends to share some of their work  and it amazes me just how many truly fantastic photographers there are out there today!  I thought I might just showcase some of the images I received and credit the wonderful shooters!  Enjoy!


Ricky Skaggs



R.C. Concepcion



Jim Begley



Zack Arias



John “Snake” Barrett



David Hobby



Miles Smith



Jim Haverstock



Bjorn Moerman



Scott Kelby



Jack Graham



Casey Malone



Chris Klapheke




Mike Roberts



….and that’s just a few, I have many more great photography buddies,  and will share them later, but the bottom line is, I am blessed to get to work with,  and call friends, some truly fantastic photographers!!!  Thanks guys I’ve learned from all of you!!!




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