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I red two articles last night and I watch Youtube photography sites all the time and it brought me to a conclusion!  There is some valuable information on the web and there is some that is not worth your time and effort!  I want to address that but first let me make something clear;  I do a blog to communicate with like minded phootographers, to try and give honest, unbiased advice and encourage people to enjoy the craft and get better at it, that’s it!  I do not get reimbursed by the people that make any of the products I talk about, I do not get a dime if you buy from B&H or Dury’s or anyone else.  I do not think it is wrong to make money on the internet by having sponsor, I do think it is wrong to not be open and admit it.  Below are the three sources and articles I want to talk about;


Thom Hogan’s Blog (http://www.bythom.com/) ,  Dennis A. Mook’s blog (thewanderinglensman.com), and Theoria Apophais,  (The Angry Photographer’s Youtube Channel).



The X-T2 Review



The Fuji X-Camera System Has Evolved Into The (Almost) Perfect System For Me.


Theoria Apophasis      Any of his numerous Youtube vlog posts


First let me say I read all these guys, watch their videos and benefit from them.  If I am going to spend time with a blogger or vlogger, I need to know a few things;


  1.  Do they know what they are talking about?
  2.  What is their experience level?
  3.  Are they good photographers.
  4.  Do they approach the subject matter in a way that helps me?


I think Thom Hogan is a smart guy and it appears he is a really good shooter, he also is brave enough to say what he thinks no matter whose feathers it may ruffle.  I like that, need more of it in this world.  He is a tad too Pixel Peeper for me, but his insights are valuable and I don’t have to think too much about the stuff I think is less relevent to me.  Overall I think he has contributed to the cause in a powerful way!


I think Dennis A. Mook is a good shooter and articulate and I enjoy his articles, and that’s about as far as I can take this, don’t know much about him, but like what I read, like his approach a lot, and we both love Fuji so we agree on that!


Where do I start with Theoria Apophasis, he is opinionated, funny, does know a few things, but in many cases thinks he knows more than maybe he does.  I do enjoy the guy, but anyone that tells you over and over that his opinions are fact and that he knows more than almost anyone else, Just saying.  For my money he could tone down the profanity, but I’ll give him this, he does have some intresting and valuable info.  Not sure if he can shoot, never seen his work on the vlog.  In spite of all that I will keep watching, I do enjoy him.


I really love photography and I really love the gear we use to do it, BUT IN THAT ORDER!  Photogrpahy first, gear second.


It is probably fair for you to ask the question;  What gives you the authority to pass judgement on these guys!!??  For the record, I was not judging any of them, just trying to lay down some ground rules to help you know how to decide who to believe and who to take, shall we say more lightly!


I’ve been a working photographer, writer, editor and teacher for the past 47 years.  I shot Nikon for 43 years and worked for them for the last 11 years of my working life as the NPS (Nikon Professional Servies) rep for the Southern U.S. so yes Virginia, I do know Nikon!  I’ve shot NFL Sports, consulted with shooters for Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Golf Digest, the AP, major newspapers, law enforcement agencies.  The North American Nature Photographers Association gave me a Fellow Award. I became a dedicated Fujjifilm X-Series shooter early in the life of the system. I have as much experience with that system as “almost” anyone.


I’ve taught over ten thousand students in workshops, seminars and programs. if you would like to see my work come here anytime, lots and lots of examples.  Bragging???  No, just trying to establish that I do have some credentials to write a blog and spout off about photography and gear.  Should you believe me? Well that’s your choice! More important love  his craft, get as good as you want to, but never stop loving it, it will be good to you, I promise!!!!




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