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Wow, I never saw this one coming!!  I took Wes out for a burger after his last chemo treatment of the week and we tried a new spot in Corbin called John Evan Jack’s Pizza – Burgers & Wings  The


They had a great selection of burgers with stacks of patties of up to 12 thick!!!!!  No thanks, couldn’t do tht but I got a doubole and wow was it a w inner, 5 pickles good!!!!  Nathan Brown and his crew do it right!  They have a companion restaurant in Williamsburg just south of Corbin on I-75 called Cols. Market and Grill.


I’ll have to try that one out soon, but for now if you happen to be traveling north or south on I-75, take exit 25 and find their place, it’s only a few hundred feet from the exits. to the right if you are traveling south, obviously to the left if going north. Trust me it will be worth a stop!  5 big pickles!!!!  Please don’t try the 12 patty one, that’s down right dangerous!!!!




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