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I really want to get better, I don’t want to get stagnate, I want to keep growing!  I found out something really interesting when reviewing my images from last fall in Acadia, 95% were shot with a single lens, the 18-135.  Now that is not a bad thing, ghe 18-135 is a really good lens, almost great, but not quite great.  That’s not the problem, the problem is a lens that covers that much ground makes you lazy, after all you can stand in one spot and do everything from 27mm to over 200mm coverage.  It’s a matter of perspective, if you shoot from one position you get one perspective, but if you move forward or back up, the perspective changes and the photo changes!  Lens that cover a large range of focal lengths can lead to being lazy.


The first two weeks of June I am teaching two workshops with Jack, the Oregon Coast and the Palouse. I’ve decided to pack differently and “smaller” for this trip.  I am leaving my beloved 18-135 home.  I’m going to try this one trip, more simply.  If  you are sick and tired of my bag articles, feel free to skip ths one!!!  For those interested, here is my thoughts on this trip.


I’ve been down the coast for this trip three times and to the Palouse seven or eight times.  I know what we shoot and I know what lenses will get the job done.  For me the temptation is take a big rolling bag and stuff it full of every lens I love in the Fuji X-System.  I’m afraid I’ve done that before!!!  So for this trip I will take the Think Tank Airport Essentials backpack with two X-T2 bodies, 10-24 f 4, 18-55 f 2.8-4, 23mm f 2, 50mm f 2, 60mm Macro f 2.4, 55-200 f 3.5-4.8, 100-400 f 4.5-5.6, 12 batteries and filters and accessories.


That will provide coverage from 15mm to 600mm (o.k. with the 1.4 tele-converter – 840MM!!)   I will pick up an inexpensive lugage rack to roll the backpack through the airports and I promise to do a blog entry mid June and reveal if I was pretty smart or prove, once again, I’m not all that smart after all!


Either way,  it’s gonna be fun!!




the pilgrim


Along the Coast!!!!



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The rope

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