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I believe that the best way to stay sharp and keep our skills in great shape is practice, study and challange yourself with the new things to learn!!!   A few months back I was asked to shoot the new Fujifilm 80mm Macro for Fujifilm and I enjoyed shooting with  it, it was not the lens I had hoped for, in terms of focal length, I really wanted the previousy announced 120mm (180mm equiv.) but it was tack sharp and worked great.   I wrested with what to do, I already had a perfectly wonderful and much, much smaller Fujifilm 60mm Macro, which I love!


So, as usual,  I caved and ordered one through the company.  Well that was a long time ago and all my friends already have their’s, but mine has never arrived.  Don’t take this wrong, I was buying it, X-Photographers get a nice discount, but we often have to wait until all the regular orders get filled.  I’m sure they are still trying to get those to the people who ordered them early!  So, frustrated, and wanting to try something “completely different”,  I cancelled by order for a 80mm Macro and X-E3 and instead bought a drone!!!  I got the DJI Mavic Pro because it is very compact yet extremely capable of making great stills and 4K video.  As you can see below, if I trim up my still gear, it and the controller fit great in my Think Tank Advantage roller for trips where I have to fly, when in the car, I have a lot of ways to carry it including a supplied pelican type case that holds it all, (below).



The DJI controller is made to use your smart phone, but I upgraded to a new iPad Mini 4 128gb model so I can see what the camera on the drone is seeing, more clearly!


I’ve taken it our to the kids soccer field once and got a little flying in, It is a learning proccess but it is coming quickly and I can already tell I’m really going to enjoy this!!!  Now, I must learn Final Cut Pro X to edit some cinamatic video!  More info coming soon!  I promise to publish some results here when I have something worth showing!


In Him and blessings,


the pilgrim