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Winter is tough for aerial photography, (ok drone photography), it’ just so bare, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to shoot!  I want to share three images I made this morning and why I shot them, and how I feel about if it worked or not!  I drove down to Cumberland Falls State Park this morning hoping to photograph the falls from above, but the river was muddy and the watrer going over the falls was brown, ugh, not today!


Drivng back to my home I saw a river canoe company and noticed they had all their canoes stacked up for the winter, yeah baby!  I was pretty sure that if I flew directly overhead, the pattern and color might really work!  I’m thrilled, your milage may vary!


The next find was a red tractor in a field near some trees.  I first shot it at a 45 degree angle, much the way it appeared as I drove passed, (it was way down in a field well below the road), then I flew directly above, (bird’s eye view), and tried again!  I like both and still I’m not sure which one I like the most!




Finally I saw a dirt road crossing a farm bottom with long shadows of the trees, it was an easy flight,  up and over and a little altitude change and compose and shoot!! I’m not sure it works,  you can chime in, if you feel differently! I do like the composition though!



Saturday morning of this week I’m going to solve my winter problem,  Shererlene and I are flying down to Aruba and I hope to post some spectacular stuff next week!!!  If not, I will rest a lot and get sun burned!




the pilgrim



All images with the DJI Mavic Pro drone