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In the past 48 years I have had in excess of 10,000 students, this is only one small group of 13, but 13 great ones!  In truth, almost every group has been a terrific one.  Before I go any futher, I want to credit this shot to Jim Begley, (to the far left in the group), the file info tells me it was from his Nikon D3s, so does the quality!!!!  I could say something about every person in this group and I know a lot about each of them, but I will just tell you this was an exceptional group, everyone a great person.  So many great friends in this image!


At church a few week ago, a member asked me where I  went when I was gone from home for those long trips?  I started to answer that I was off doing photo workshops or givng a talk about photography, but I didn’t!  I paused for a long moment and said, “Well I’m tansported into a magical place where the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful and the people I’m with are the kindest, most wonderful people you will ever meet!”   She immediately said  “I want to go there!!!!!”  I smiled and said  “Yes you do!”  Just then, the pastor said let’s pray…..


We never finished that conversation and to be honest I couldn’t give any better description of what my life has been like for the past 48 years out on the road.  Different people might explain this gift in all kinds of ways, but I can tell you the truth, It’s God’s Grace. It says in the Word, “Seek First the Kingdon of God and his righteousness  and all these things will be added unto you, even the desires of your heart.”  It’s hard to argue with that, because I know what one of my heart’s desires has always been!!




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