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Winter is my time off from field work.  I study and write and try to learn new discplines, or brush up on old ones, durimg the coldest months!  This winter I’m learning to fly and photograph with a drone, learing how to edit video and add msuic for shows to share when I speak or do workshops, and I’m attempting to learn Luminar 2018 well enough to try and stop using any other forms of post processing.


I’m also missing all of  you and spending time with you, in-the-field!  It’s been a long time since Jack and I did a workshop and even longer since I had the pleasure standing “out there” with Jim Haverstock.  I miss Richard Browne, Bryan Jolley, Michael Early, Dudely, Rodney, and many, many others.  Time away from those we care about makes us realize how imporant they are to our lives.  For many years it was the “location” I couldn’t wait to get back to, now it’s being back with the friends!


2017 was a time of deep reflection as I walked through the cancer of Deb, Gloria, Don,  Sue and Wesley with my family and my extended family.  I learned something amazing, those people that we deeply pray for become even closer to our hearts.  God opens up our lives and lets them in even closer.  Of course I was already very close to Welsey, my son, and Sue, but I’d never even met Deb Jolley.  I love her husband, my dear brother Bryan, but only knew her through his sharing about her.  When she faced cancer it was like I had known her for my entire life!  What a wonderful, God given, gift!  He takes care of His children and He lets us be a part of it!!!


I often get caught up in the technical details of life and often miss the sheer beauty of what is around me.  The image above was a such moment.  It was beautful scene, I really wanted to share it with my family, that very morning, that very instant!!!  So I pulled out my iPhone and made the photograph, processed, and sent it, with a text message, to a number of family members and friends.  I then reached in my camera bag to get a “real camera” and, the light was over!  I smiled.  For that one moment I put other people I love first, and shared a magical Teton’s sunrise with them.  All over the country they got to live that moment, with me, as it  happened!


I knew, even then, I did the right thing…….




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