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I recently saw a video on Youtube for a new Geared Tripod head and after some study decided to pull the trigger on one. The Sunwayfoto GH Pro II.  I ordered it directly from Sunwayfoto in China through eBay and paid around $202.  I have  been very impressed with the precision and build quality and I think for close-up work and landscape I’m really going to enjoy it!  In the top photo this is the head holding the camera in the horizontal level state. Below inthe tilted axis in horizontal.



Below is the tilting axis forward and backword.



Below is the eBay page showing the one I ordered.  it took about 10 days from the factory in China.



I found the head to work very well and it has a folding out handle for each knob if you need to make faster movements for larger distances.  Below are more illustrations from the manufacturer showing all the features.  I also have a Really Right Stuff BH55 LR head that I love and is better when working fast.  I think for more precise work this is going to be something I use a lot and really enjoy!



I think for around $200. it’s a steal!





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After Sunset from Clingman’s Dome.


This past weekend I joined Jack Graham, Carl Turner and Dr. Tony Rogers in the Great Smoky Mountains for a little photographic R&R.  Tony was my thoracic surgeon for my heart valve replacement, when I found out he was interested in photography we have struck up a great friendship.  I also soon discovered that he is a very committed Christian so, as you can imagine, that deepened our friendship even more.  I have been helping him get ready to get deeper into photography and this trip was our first outing to put all that to work!  I wanted Carl and Jack to come along as they are also not only great photography friends but dear brothers in the Lord!


I have been praying of weeks about this weekend, as you know the Smokies in Summer is not the best time to go to photograph, but I have been praying that our light and conditions would help us out!  Boy, did God ever come through.  i almost never gets every condition and the kind of light I hope for, but this weekend everything was near perfect.  We got a great sunset from Clingman’s Dome parking lot Friday night, fog in Cades Cove Saturday morning and perfect water levels up stream in Tremont. I was really proud of Tony, for his first outing, he knocked it out of the park!  I will share some of his images and I think you will agree, that he is learning this new skill set fast!  Since we met back in May he has been doing a lot of study and was well prepared to try out his new skills! 


Sunset from Clingman’s Dome parking area.


The Grist Mill in Cades Cove.


This young deer was shot a few weeks before on a trip out to Yellowstone.


Flat Rock in monochrome on Tremont Branch.


My shot of Tony in deep concentration composing a shot!


We all had a great weekend of fellowship and shooting, it was a great time!





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This morning I was looking through old images on my computer and ran across some that made me smile, I hope you enjoy them too!


Above:  After years of traveling with Jack to do workshops across our great land, this is a common scene as we try to wrangle our luggage, camera gear and the projector in airports!



This one made me smile and brings a tear to my eye!  For years traveling to Colfax, Washington for the Palouse events, our favorite place to eat was the Top Notch, Pete and Candis Koerner ran a great little spot and he still has one of my best burgers in memory!!!!  Sadly, the Top Notch is now closed, leaving Colfax as a wasteland for food!



I found this little engraved stone and had to make a shot of it!  Never truer words were spoken!



In October Chester will be 5!  Here are a few early shots of him with family members!  He now weighs 85 lbs!



When Jack and I are in the field doing a workshop it is always a lot of laughs!  Our students seem to enjoy it and we are part time comedians!  This is at Nelson Ghost Town just south of Las Vegas!



This was at another ghost town, never really understood it, but couldn’t pass up the shot!



Finally, while walking in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine I saw this rain jacket with a hilarious proclamation, it is Waterproof Resistant!  Does that mean it resists being waterproof, well for $19.99 what do you expect!!!


Hope you got a smile out of some of these, happy Monday!





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I’m sorry I’ve gone dark for so long!  I have been healing up and working hard in cardiac rehab, and it’s going well!  So thanks for your continued prayers!


Now down to business!  Top; I recently pick-up a SmallRig Mini LED light.  This little light is a perfect companion for your Close-up work.  At only $39. it is powerful enough to add just the little extra light to a  wonderful macro shot.  It comes with some really useful magnetic accessories and it is very useful!



This is a ratchet screwdriver and bit set is of incredible quality and for a tiny price!  The bits are magnetic and hold in fast and secure to the bolds and screws.   It is perfect for tightening down L brackets!





This is one of the best lens cleaning solutions out there and Jack was kind enough to send me three bottles!!!  That is a lifetime supply at any age, at my ripe old age, I will have to leave two in my will for someone!

















Boy do I have great friends and brothers!  A year or so ago Jack Graham gave me one of these wonderful SmallRig tools and I can never remember to move it between camera bags….and then Carl Turner sent me one last week!  Now, thank you Carl,  I can always have one of  these great tools with me!  You can get yours on, you guessed it,  Amazon!




Another very thoughtful gift from Jack, this Synthetic Grease is perfect for the threads of your tripod legs, thanks Jack, thoughtful and very good stuff, yep amazon!



Newer & SmallRig both are making batteries for Fujifilm’s latest cameras and these can be charged with a regular USB-C.  I’ve only had mine for a short time and I can’t say how they will do, but I think they have real potential, I will be sure to let you know!  Big surprise: Amazon!





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