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Laurel Lake in Fall, Southern Kentucky near Corbin, KY where I live.


For the vast majority of my photographic life I have shot everything from ground level to 5′ 9″!  That offered a very limited perspective on most subjects.  It was not until I was in my 50’s that I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream to become a pilot and a whole new photographic perspective was opened to me with a view from above the earth.  Flying, for me, was the ultimate visual experience and it has changed the way I see photographically forever.  From above your subject the world now becomes line, form, texture, light and color.  I now see all subjects much more graphically!  Please allow me to share some of my favorite images from the project and book, America From 500 Feet. Some of these images never appeared in the book, so they are being shared for the first time.  I hope you enjoy them!


Newly paved and painted road in the Dutch Country of Pennsylvania.


Cumberland Falls State Park in fall, (13 miles from home), in Southern Kentucky.


Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area in Southern California.


Augusta National Golf Course, the day after The Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta, Georgia.


View of the Gand Tetons in winter from a rented Cessna, Jackson, Wyoming.


Sunrise over the Canoe Boundary Waters in Minnesota.


It’s amazing how different our world, or any subject, looks when we seek a new perspective!





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