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Some of you seem enjoy this, some wish I would just quit!!!!!  Fat chance, I enjoy it too much!  My apologies to those that have had enough!


So as I plan my travel for 2023 I plan to drive to almost all my shooting locations and therefore I can now take all my gear, might as well, if you own it and it is not with you, why own it!!!???   I’ve broken my gear into three bags so that I can select just what I need for any kind of work.  First, I will not be carrying any of these on my back, I will carry only the small shoulder bag nothing else will actually leave the vehicle while in the field, all are way too heavy for that!  I have pictured, below, the interior shoots off the two bigger bags.  One is my most used bodies and lenses in a Guru Gear Kiboko 16L V2.0,  and the second holds the specialized lenses that certainly get use, but less often in a Tamrac Anvil Slim 11 backpack.    The shoulder bag ( a Think Tank Retro 10), is my jump in the car and go hunt Americana subjects and of course family and people, not that my family are not people!  The perfect lens package for photographing people is a 24mm, 35mm and 95mm which is the effective focal lengths of these lenses!that my family are not people!





I did not list all the small accessories in the bags, maybe on another day!


So just in case you wondered, here it is!




the pilgrim


Full List of all Gear:



Main Assignment Bag:
Guru Gear Kiboko V2.0 16L+
Fujifilm X-T5  –  Fujifilm X-H1  –  Fujifilm X-T1
Lenses:  14mm f 2.8  –  16mm f 2.8  –  23mm f 1.4
27mm f 2.8  –  35mm f 2  –  50mm f 2  –  60mm f 2.5 Macro
18-55 f 2.8 – 4  –  70-300 f 4 – 5.6



Additional Lens Bag
Tamrac Anvil Slim 11
Lenses:  Rokinon 8mm f 2.8  –  10-24 f 4   
T-TArtisan 50mm f 1.2  –  16-80 f4  –  80mm f 2.8 Macro
90mm f 2  –  50-140 f 2.8  –  100-400 f 4.5-5.6



Small Out & About & People bag
Peak Design Everyday Sling 6L  (below)
Body:  Fujifilm X-Pro 2
Lenses: 16mm f 2.8  –  23mm f 2  –  50mm f 2  –  27mm f 2.8 Pancake 




Since I did this post I ordered a Peak Design Everyday Sling 6 L size and it holds the above gear in the bulkier Think Tank Retro 5 Leather edition and I think I will like it better for everyday carry, in fact I got one more small lens in the bag as well, the 27mm f 2.8 pancake lens.  It appears to be very well designed and made, I will give it a try and we will see!