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As we are all starting a new year everyone is wondering how can I make this the best year ever?  May I make a suggestion?  If you want to have a great life, ask someone who has had a great life, how they did it.  I’m not perfect, far from it, but God has blessed me with a great life and I think after almost 77 years of living, I might  have discovered, through His Word and His guidance,  just how to do it!


Here are my (HIS)  Rules for Living:


     1. Trust God, no one is more trustworthy and cares more about you than He does!

      2.  Put others above yourself.  Selfless living pays incredible dividends!

      3.  Admit to yourself and Him, who you are, what your not proud of, and ask for His forgiveness.  He already knows, he just wants you to face it, and He will gladly give you a new start, another chance to get it right and foregiveness!

       4.  Don’t worry about pleasing or impressing others, just be sure your Heavenly Father knows your heart is chasing Him and Him alone.


That’s it, please trust me, it really, really works.


May God bless you in this new year!


the pilgrim