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The purpose of this blog entry is to explore with all of you how I am attempting to get my everyday carry system down to the minimum of gear and weight, and still being able to shoot almost anything I might decide to try to tackle.  This system is aimed at shooting, nature, landscape, travel and Americana, if I was going to try to do birds, wildlife, action, sports or serious close-ups I would have to arrange for some additional lenses.


First the Bag:  The Wotancraft Pilot 7L.  I picked this bag up a few weeks ago, I fell in love with it’s ruggedness, utility, style, and operational considerations.  With the equipment and accessories described in this blog entry, it weighs in at 9 lbs. and that is a comfortable weight that I can live with.



In the main compartment in the center of the bag, under the flap I keep the Fujifilm X-T5 with the XF-16-8-0 F4 R OIS WR with a  Breakthrough 72mm polarizer attached and a bayonet square lens hood with cap.  I use a Peak Design wrist strap on the body.  My second lens is the Fujifilm XF 70-300 f 4-5.6R LM OIS WR with another Breakthrough polarizer attached and a reversing lens hood,  For me the X-T5 is the culmination of everything the X Series has come to be,  I love the 40 mega pixel sensor and the in body stabilization make shooting handheld  a lot more effective.  I still carry  tripod in the car, in fact two, a large full size one (RRS Versa  A 33 with a RRS BH-55 LR head and a table top type, the Leophoto LS-223 CEX with  RRS BH-40 LR tripod head. With these two lenses I can cover from an equiv. focal length range  of from 24mm to 450mm.  Quite a great range for just two lenses and both of these are very good performers.



Let’s walk around the bag and see what is packed in the various areas.  On the front left (when facing the bag) is a an accessory zippered pouch that is attached to the Mole straps of the bag with YKK Attachment clips that are very secure but easy to remove if you need to.  In that pouch I store a rugged case that holds two additional batteries for the X-T5 and 4 memory cards. (LENSGO Camera battery Card Wallet  Model D850 $11.12 Amazon) Also I keep a LituFoto LED video light N126 $24.99 Amazon it recharges with a USB C cord and is a great fill light, in fact that is the light used for all of these images in this blog entry, Lastly a Nikon manual cable release, as a back up.



In the outside mesh pocket I keep a credit card size iPhone tripod made of carbon fiber,  it is a thin as a couple of credit cards and folds out as seen below.  It is amazingly easy to fold out as illustrated below.  It is $45. on Amazon which is a little steep but works well.

Pocket Size Wallet Tripod Amazon.




On the right side the accessory drawstring pocket, attached the same way,  is my mini tripod (Wewatch Mini Desktop tripod Stand PS-102  $19.99 from Amazon) used often to hold the LED light and a more robust aircraft aluminum iPhone tripod holder with a Arca Swiss foot.  Mine is a the Sunwayfoto CPS-01 about $25. on Amazon.



In the elastic pocket on the left side of the bag I keep a LED flash light (Streamlight Stylus Pro 66121 $20. from Amazon) and a Swiss Army Knife in a leather case (Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman wife Red with pouch  $49.99 Amazon)



In the right elastic pouch I keep a small Giotto Rocker Air Blower ( AA1920  $15.99 Amazon)



On the inside zippered pocket just above the tops of the accessory pouch I keep a electronic release for the camera (Vello Electronic Release Fujifilm no longer on Amazon) , a Gerber tool for tightening Arca Swiss Plates (no longer on Amazon) and two Breakthrough Neutral Density Filters a 5 Stop and a 10 Stop and a 72mm to 77 mm steep up ring. Also there but not pictured is the   Xenvo Bluetooth wireless remote for the iPhone   $20. on Amazon.



Finally in the back zipper pouch on the back of the bag I keep a  couple of field note booklets and a pen.  These which are decorated with the National Parks art are from Amazon $15.99.


By-the-way I do not  have any arrangement with Amazon, if you order any of these items I do not get any compensation, the information is just for you,  just in case you were interested!


I did not show my iPhone an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, since I carry it in my jacket pocket but it is an integral part of my shooting system, it is in fact my back-up body. I highly recommend this youtube video below, Scott Kelby makes some great point on using your iPhone, and as you will see, I bought a few of his suggested item too!  He also demonstrates the little Carbon Fiber tripod in the video.



O.K. that was a long one, but I hope it was helpful, I can report that through most of February I really used this system to my advantage and had more fun shooting than I have in long time!





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