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Ten Truths


  1. If you’re not making incredible images, it’s not your camera!  Almost any camera made today or in the last 10 years is capable of making incredible images, the question is are you?
  2. Lenses are not consistent – so have a plan!  Though lenses are more consistent, lens to lens, than ever before, there are still better samples and less precise ones.  Here is my trick, buy form a dealer that allows return within a few days for a full refund or exchange.  Keep ordering and testing until you get a sample that you are convinced is up to your standard!  Now you can use it with confidence!
  3. Everything is composition!  The success and failure of an image rests on how you handle the elements within the frame!
  4. There is no such thing as a famous photographer. Elvis was famous, Frank Sinatra was famous, Abraham Lincoln was famous, photographers are only known by other photographers, that’s not famous!
  5. Unless someone is paying you for your images, you are the only person that has to be satisfied with them!  If someone is paying you to shoot, you better make them happy or they won’t write the check, if you’re shooting for yourself, you’re the only judge of your success!
  6.  “Technique beats equipment every time!”  That quote is from the incredible nature photographer, Rod Planck, and he is right!
  7. Self worth is not the result of your art, it’s a result of who you are!  Your worth is not determined by your photography skills or results, they are determined by your character, integrity and compassion.
  8. The best photographic technique is to: Slow Down!  You will make the biggest improvement in your work when  you slow do2n and take time to think about what you want photogrpahically and how to get it!
  9. It’s better to really know how to use 2 lenses than to carry 8 and not know!  Too much gear is only confusing, it’s best to master a few lenses than to have too many.
  10. If I thought my photography defined me, I wouldn’t no much about life!  “Nuff said”




  1. It’s wasted money to buy cameras that have features you will never use. Example; if you never shoot sports or action or willed why would you spring for a camera that van shoot 15 frames per second?
  2. If you judge your work by comparison to others work, you will never enjoy photography!  Bad news here; there is always someone better, no matter how good you are, so stop sweating it and have fun!
  3. The best camera is the one you have with you!  This is why an iPhone or smart phone is so valuable, you almost always have it with you and when you need it, you have it!
  4. If you own it and can’t carry it with you, why do you own it?  I’m preaching to myself anyone else that is over stocked!!!!!
  5. The best accessory to assure sharpness is spelled: T-R-I-P-O-D!  OIS (Optical Image Stablization) can help with hand holding no doubt, but real tack sharp images come from using a good solid tripod!  Remember there are two kinds of tripods, those that are easy to carry and good ones!