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As I end the second week of sharing my favorite photographers Ive got someone very special to share with you today!  Bryan Jolley is a man after God’s heart, and that deep devotion to his Heavenly Father truly shows in his images.  Bryan has told me and his other brothers and sisters many times that he wants his work to announce the Glory of God’s Creation, and it certainly does.  The kind of vision that Bryan posses is not from man, but can only be given and received with a heart for God.  Every year Bryan sends his close friends a set of calendar pages for the coming year, I always look forward and dread receiving it, dread because it reminds me of how much further I have to go to be a truly great photographer, and it thrills me because I know the source of Bryan’s inspiration, and you will too in a few moments after your absorb his art!  May God get all the Glory!  I know that is the desire of Bryan’s heart.



If you are not overwhelmed, look again, I certainly am!


Have a Blessed weekend,



the pilgrim