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To finish off my sharing of my images from past, I decided to share a few sports images.  I used try do a lot of sports, but not some anymore.  Above is one of my favorite shots of the great running back Earl Campbell.  I have often seen it take 7 people to bring him down!  I asked this defensive back for Cincinnati, ” Is it really that hard to tackle Earl?”  His response was,  “have you ever heard of AmTrak?”


After having been the Washington Redskins official photographer for a couple of seasons, I later went back to cover a game with the Tennessee Titans.  This was one of my favorite shots, it was my first NFL game using an auto-focus lens!  Wow, was that’s a lot easier!


When covering NASCAR I had to learn to really do good pans.  (Moving the camera and lens following a subject)  At 170 mph it is tough.  The first 200 shots are empty frames or front or back bumpers, but with little practice you start to get it!


The same principle is used for a race horse, this was a practice session a the Kentucky Derby, which I covered 9 times.


I had the opportunity to cover 10 Masters Golf Tournaments during my Nikon days.  It was at the Masters that I got this shot of tiger Woods.


One of the most fun things to do at the Masters was go down to the Interview room and photograph the luminaries that were often there.  this was a great opportunity to photograph 3 of the greatest golfers ever, together, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas and Gary Player.


Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!





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