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I recently saw a Youtube video on a new bag that seemed like a really good idea, the Think Tank Speedtop Crossbody 15.  Before I get into this bag, let me speak to the quality of Think Tank bags, rolling cases, backpacks and accessories.  As you all know I have owned a ton of camera bags and a healthy percentage have been from Think Tank.  Of all the brands I have owned I’ve found theirs to be the best built with the best materials and very well designed.  After all the company was founded by a couple of photojournalists and trust me after working with some of the world’s best photojournalists for Nikon, for 13 years, no one is harder on their gear than this group!  These bags are designed to protect your gear under the most abusive circumstances, and they do!


This bag has a very unique feature, the top is magnetic and it is easy and quiet to open and close, it is the perfect bag for someone that wants to carry a small but versatile system and work un-noticed, like wedding photographers or press shooters.


Below you can see how clean the layout is and how easy it is to remove and replace your gear.




Above you can see what I would carry for just about anything I might have with me to shoot on a typical field day.  My Fujifilm X-T5 with the XF16-80 mounted, the XF 70-300 for longer telephoto work and for travel and environmental portraits a fast XF 23mm f 1.4. Full frame equiv. of 24-120, 105-450 and a fast 35mm.


I am very impressed with the ease of use of this bag it’s small size and great shoulder strap with quick adjustments.  The pockets in the top of the lid hold some lens wipes and small accessories. It even comes with a full rain cover.  Side pockets expand to hold a water bottle or other items you may want to carry along.


So in closing, Think Tank has done it again, a thoughtful, well designed and easy to use shoulder bag!  Two thumbs up from the Bagman!





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