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Describing the breath of the work and experiences of Bill Pekala is nearly impossible. After leading Nikon’s Professional Services for almost 40 years, then retiring and helping Sony get a strong foothold in the professional market Bill has done it all!  Bill has shot every conceivable kind of major event across the globe with all of the best press, media, nature and sports photographers of the past five decades.  From Super Bowls, to U.S. Opens to Air Shows, to Every major event in the nations capital to all the shuttle launches and that’s just scratching the surface.  Bill has been a great friend for many years, was my boss at Nikon, and did as much to further my career as anyone I’ve ever known!  These images are but a small sampling of an incredible and enduring career of great guy and shooter who has done, for many others, what he did for me!



Many of the iconic images you’ve enjoyed through our lifetimes, Bill Pekala was a there helping make it happen for all those photographers that were there to witness history, in many cases, he got the shot too!


See more at:   billpekala.com





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