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Welcome to the Pilgrim’s Chronicles!  I suspect you may be one of the folks that was directed here from Scott Kelby’s Photography Insider blog!  It was, as it always is, an honor and pleasure to write a guest blog for him!  Scott has the greatest reach of anyone I’ve ever known in the photography world, and when he invites you to appear on his blog site, the response is usually overwhelming.  So if you’ve joined my other daily guests please pull up a chair and let me bring you a glass cold lemonade!


From time to time I use a stolen, (from Scott), title for my blog entries called “catch-up whatever day it happens to be!”  Well I had planned a catch up entry for some day this week and I thought why not share some fun stuff on a day we may have some additional guests drop by.


So this how it works, I get lots of emails and post comments and often get questions, I save up the most relevant ones for my readers and try to answer them in a single blog post!  Here goes this weeks attempt!


(1.)  If I wanted to take a workshop with you, where would I find a listing of what you are offering?  


I’m so glad you asked!  I run a workshop company called His Light Workshops along with my brother and great shooter Jim Begley.  We offer workshops tho some prime shooting locations and with added bonus of wonderful fellowship, thus His Light!  Jim is one of the country’s best HDR shooters (he shoots regular images spectacularly, as well!) and we have a few workshops left this year.   You can also visit www.Hislightworkshops.com and the His Light Workshops blog on this site!


September 14-22  Glacier National Park with Dr. Charles Stanley.  This week long workshop will be held in one of the most spectacular fall locations in the National Park System!  This workshop currently only has a single spot open!


October  10-13  Ohio’s Fall Color & Amish Country  with Jack Graham.  I will be the guest instructor with Jack for a great trip through the northern forests of Ohio in prime fall conditions.  In addition to the Cuyahoga Valley  National Park we will spend a day on a working Amish farm, a great photographic opportunity!  I belive a few spots are still available, you can register with Jack at the link on this page! or this link:   http://www.jackgrahamphoto.com/workshop/fall-color-ne-ohio-bill-fortney-and-very-special-day-amish



October 24-27  Light Painting at Kentucky’s Shaker Village with Dave Black.   Join a small group (limited to 14) with Dave Black to learn the art of light painting at Shaker Village in Scenic, Kentucky!  Four spots are still available for this great workshop. Dave Black is one of the best instructors in the photo world today, don’t miss this great opportunity to study in a  beautiful setting with him, Jim and myself!





November 80-12   Death Valley National Park with Jack Graham.   Join Jack and I, and a small group at one of the most interesting landscape opportunities in America, the striking beauty of Death Valley.  Spots are still available for this workshop limited to 12 attendees.  Once again contact Jack Graham via the link on this page!


That’s it for 2013,  but in 2014, (Full schedule will be announced here on August 21st!) we will have some exciting new offerings including;  Americana Workshops at St. Augustine, Florida, Old Car City, Nashville, with Ricky Skaggs!   Night time photography with Bill Pekala in Arches and Canyonlands!  Fall in the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone and a Fall Eastern Sierras tour including Bodie Ghost Town!  All these dates, (and more), will be announced on this blog August 21st!


(2.)  If I can’t make a workshop, where can I see you speak or present a teaching program?


I’m thrilled to be back at Photoshop World September 3-6 in Las Vegas next month!  I will also be the keynote speaker at the Black Hills Photo Shootout in Septemeber (27-29).  L:ink:    http://www.thephotoshootout.com/black-hills-photo-shootout/


(3.)  If I returned to this blog what other photography teaching opportunities will I see?


I just retired from Nikon, July 1st and the educational efforts are just getting started on this blog and it’s associated links.  In the coming months I hope to produce a number of eBooks, photography lessons posts, and a lot of equipment reviews, you are arriving at the ground floor of a soon to come Hi Rise!


If you are a regular reader thanks so much for joining me here, and if you are a new guest, please come back and have a blast with us in the coming months!  Thanks for dropping by, want another glass of lemonade?!




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