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Boy did I get emails!  Most went something like this, “Wow, what a news break!   I know you love Nikon and adore the D800, but the Fuji X series comments were a shocker, I’m dying to know what images you’ve been showing were made with this camera you so excitedly described!!”


So here goes, the Fuji X-E1 and Fuji X100s are both spectacular image makers, and much smaller, lighter, and easier to carry. than a big DSLR system.  But the other shocker for me was just how wonderful the images were.  As I said in yesterdays post, I’m not comparing the D800 and Fuji X series as apples to apples, they’re not. They are sorta like a Chevy Suburban, and a BMW 3 Series, very different products for very different uses, one won’t do what the other one can do, and visa versa!


But to satisfy your curiosity, and to make a point, here are a few of my favorite images from the Fuji system.  Remember you can double click any image ans see it much larger, and you are going to want to!!



I think you will agree, this covers the bases!




the pilgrim


P.S.  And by-the-way the Black and White shot of the phone was straight out of the camera, not a conversion, these cameras make drop dead gorgeous B&W’s!  Since they will shoot several film type brackets (including Velvia, Provia, Astia, Sepia tone and several types of filtered B&W), you can have an original out of the camera, B&W for every shot you  make, super cool!!!!!