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In editing some of my work from the Smokies weekend it really hit home how much I enjoy Close-up photography, especially in the field on a morning with heavy dew on the plants!  I enjoyed it so much that I’m committed to get back out and do a lot more macro work!  I have also decided to go back to the Smokies next August and teach a macro class for 8 students.  Tomorrow we will unveil the 2014 schedule, or at least most of it!  We will give full details on some exciting locations.


Jim and I are committed to making our workshops even better than in the past three years and are making some very big changes and the first is they won’t be as “big”!  Next year we will be reducing the size of our groups!  Our intent is to make the interaction and one on one time better than every before.  We will also add one on one portfolio reviews via iPad or smaller prints starting in 2014.  The vast majority of our workshops and tours will be limited to either 12 attendees with two instructors or just 8 with one.  One thing is for sure if you want to join us, please respond when you see the workshop or workshops you want to attend, we expect things to sell out quickly!


Well full details tomorrow!  I hope to have the posting up by late afternoon!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Nikon D800 with the 200mm Micro Nikkor.