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I love to do close-up photographs of almost any subject except spiders!  I hate spiders, I know God made them for a purpose, but they creep me out!  If a rattlesnake crawled into my house, I would have no trouble pinning his head and picking up and throwing him out into the woods, where he belongs, but I would’t touch a spider!  No, I don’t handle snakes in church, but I’ve photographed people that do, o.k. we’re getting way off point here.


I’m often asked which micro lens I recommend, and that depends on what you are going to shoot.  If  you are photographing any subject that is skittish or that you don’t want to be close to, the 200mm Micro is the ticket.  The Spider shot above was made with my Nikon 300mm Micro Nikkor.  What!!??  I didn’t know Nikon made a 300 mm Micro!!!  Actually they don’t, but you can make your 200 micro a 300 micro by using a camera with a DX size sensor, thus the crop factor is 1.5 X the focal length or equivalent to a 300.  In this case I used and adapter and placed my Fuji X-E1 on the 200mm Micro Nikkor lens and manually focused it.  (I manually focus all my micro work so loss of autofocus is not an issue for close-up shooting!)


For general purpose work I like the 105 Micro and for flat field documents, coins, and stamps, those kinds of things, the 55 or 60 micro.


So that is how you can get closer with the same lenses.  How do we get closer to God?  That is easier than buying and learning micro lenses.  With our Heavenly Father it’s a lot simpler.


1. Recognize that you have fallen well short of God’s desire for you. That’s called being a  sinner, most people don’t like to be called that, but sadly, we all are.


2.  Then we tell our Father that we want to accept His forgiveness,  that we are really sorry for what we’ve done and admit to it. (that’s called repentence)x


3.  Lastly we tell our Father that you know Jesus is His Son, and that he died for the forgiveness of our sins.  We confess our belief in Him and accept His forgiveness.  We ask God to take over our lives and fill us with His joy and peace.  He will!!!  And that my friends that is how you get closer!




the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Fuji X-E1 with an adapter for the 200mm Micro Nikkor.  ISO 1600, F8


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