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The first night of workshop can set a tone that carries the event for days, or can cause it to come crashing down!  Fortunately tonight was one of the great nights!!!!  This is a wonderful group of people all excited to be here, and they immediately gelled into a cohesive unit!  Of course great programs by Ricky, Jim , (Jim’s slide show was breathtaking), solid work from Snake and Chuck and the personalities in the group all added up to a wonderful start!


Laughter is something I always look for the first night and we had a lot of people having a big time! Frequent attenders, like Kent Irvin, Miles Smith, Carl Turner, Ted Thelin, the Haverstock’s, and Bud Motter kept the ball rolling and everyone enjoyed it!   Workshops are so much more fun when people are having, well, fun!!  As always, Stephen Hart’s prints were a huge hit.  I know that the services of Nick Coury, and Tim Issacson are also going to be a huge contribution!


I think this group will really be a joy to work with.   More tomorrow!




the pilgrim