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I believe that it is not my job to judge the world, my Heavenly Father has that one covered.  I do sometimes hear things that grieve me, and make me wonder just how much further down the world can fall!   While driving in my car the other day listening to a morning talk show, I listened to a recording that if I had not heard with my own ears I would’t have believed it.  Even more shocking was that I have not heard this reported in any other place.  At a rally held at the Texas State Capital regarding a new abortion bill being considered by the state legislature two very diverse groups were outside the capital.  Christian supporters of the Pro Life side of the debate were singing Amazing Grace, while Pro Choice groups were shouting “Hail Satan” and “Mary should of had an abortion.”  Yes you read that right, I heard it in the You Tube video link below.




I understand people having differing opinions on this issue.  What is frightening to me is that our society has finally taken of their gloves, and is showing the true venom in their hearts.  I fear for my country when that kind of unabashed hatred and vitriol can be on such display.  I do not wish to go to war with any groups that I do not agree with, but the time has come to speak up and stand our ground, the opposition certainly has made it’s choice!  Our media needs to decide where they stand, not reporting this kind of outbursts is a failure to keep the public informed.

Maybe they have already shown us where they stand……


Pray for America,


the pilgrim